Description of the ILA

My Information-Learning Activity (ILA)

An ILA is where students are required to independently find and use (individually or in groups) a variety of information sources in order to learn about a topic.

Context of my ILA

I will be designing, teaching and critically evaluating an ILA based around a Year 6 SOSE unit in a team teaching environment. I will work alongside the two teachers throughout the unit working with whole class, small group and individual students.

The topic is Australian Immigration after World War II. The scenario the students have to describe is: You are a young adult (18-22 years old) from (choose a country). You have been forced to leave your country because it is no longer a place that you and your family can survive. You must arrange for you and your family to travel to Australia. Once you arrive in Australia, after a very long and dangerous journey, you have to find a way for you and your family to live in Australia legally. Once you and your family are Australian citizens, you are faced with a number of issues. You finally, after many years, resolve your issues problems and become a very important figure in Australia’s history. Without you, Australia would not be the place it is today. Describe your experiences to a Year 5 class. Use language skills of a narrative, emotional vocabulary, sentence structure and explain all of the events that took place in your life to tell your story.

The duration of the ILA will be 5 weeks beginning in Week 6. These students have been developing Information Literacy skills with my assistance from the beginning of the year.

Learning Outcomes of the ILA

By the end of the ILA, I hope that the students have developed understandings about Immigration to Australia, the experiences of immigrants over time and how immigrants have contributed to Australia’s development. In addition, that they have gained an understanding of the different perspectives of immigration to Australia since WWII.

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