Group Feedback

Throughout this (if I may say, drawn out) feedback process, I completely agree with Maria Mead (2010) that it is a ‘valuable opportunity to try before you buy’. The positive feedback I was given by my peers was reassuring in that they said I had covered all required elements, they were impressed and I showed a  ‘depth of learning’ (through reading my reflection questionnaires). I also had the opportunity to look critically at the content and structure of my peer’s blog entries and at the same time trigger reflections about my own work. I benefited more from giving feedback than receiving it.

One incident in particular that comes to mind, after giving feedback to one of my group member’s, instigated discussion between us as to whether or not we had approached the information synthesis/analysis mini essay post in an appropriate manner. Asking Mandy for clarification, reassured us that we were both on track even though we had approached the post in different ways. I now realise that the way I approached the post, compared to others, proves that our thought processes (like that of students) are all unique in our own ways (poor Mandy for having to mark them all). This is why I believe giving and receiving feedback is such a crucial part of the inquiry process. I intend on using what I have learnt, from my experiences throughout this process, with my students to help teach them life long learning skills.

Kuhlthau’s Guided Inquiry (2007) supports this notion of a ‘community of learners’, where both an instructional team (including teacher librarians) and students learn together and from one another.

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