The Final Reflective Questionnaire 3 – The New “Inquiry Learning” Me

Now I know how Mandy feels, exhilarated!! Who would have thought I would have made
it this far and felt this good!

Take some time to think about your topic. Now write down what you know about it.

  • Inquiry learning can impact the way a student perceives learning for the rest of their life if approached with an open mind.
  • Through inquiry learning, students learn to become search experts, use inquiry-based learning and information literacy models to their advantage and ask good questions, to name a few. They also learn how to reflect on the facts learnt and draw conclusions for deeper learning.
  • By modeling Kulthau’s information search process (ISP) and providing students with targeted intervention in each stage of the inquiry process, students will ‘learn how to learn in a lasting and transferable way from a variety of sources.’

How interested are you in this topic?     A great deal

How much do you know about this topic?    Quite a bit, there is always more to learn

Thinking back on my research project, what did I find easiest to do?

  • I really enjoyed producing my findings on the blog. This platform is now an environment I feel comfortable using and also sharing with my students.
  • My expert searching skills have improved significantly.
  • I now feel confident in producing screencast videos to share the knowledge and skills I have learnt throughout the unit.

Thinking back on the research project, what did I find most difficult to do?

  • Using the questioning frameworks. This is something I am not familiar with and found it difficult getting my head around.
  • The data gathering and analysis was time consuming and at times tiresome, but the information collected was extremely valuable.
  • Comparing the data gathered to the ACARA general capabilities was also difficult but it opened my eyes to how the skills and expertise I have as teacher librarian can be used to help develop creative, socially responsible students turned on to inquiry.

What did I learn in doing this research project?

  • That inquiry learning is not that scary and opens the door to a world of enlightenment.
  • I now understand and feel more comfortable using the terms inquiry, questioning, intervention, reflection, deeper learning and active engagement, to name a few.
  • I have learnt that I now feel confident enough to approach my next inquiry with my suitcase full of the ideas, suggestions and resources collected from this unit, and to share them with the staff and students at my school.

How do you now feel about your research?

  • Confident and enlightened by what I have learnt, excited and eager to share this learning.
  • Extremely happy with how it has turned out and looking forward to many future inquiry learning experiences.

Can I now answer these 3 questions I originally asked? For sure.

  • What time frames are involved throughout the inquiry learning process? (eg steps)
  • Which popular inquiry learning models would you recommend using in a primary school setting?
  • How can inquiry learning be implemented in all subject areas?
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