INN533 Resource Description

Reflect upon what I think are the key factors in considering how I will Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 10.03.17 PMstructure bibliographic resource description and the standards I will use when creating my database.

Resource description and access in today’s libraries should be designed to meet fundamental user tasks in a way that produces well-formed, interconnected metadata for the digital environment (Tillett, 2011).

The users of my database will primarily be elementary school students, therefore the key factors in considering how I will structure bibliographic resource description and the standards I will use are:

  • To thoroughly get to know my users
  • Use SCIS (Schools Catalogue Information Service) which is implementing the new Resource Description and Access (RDA) cataloguing standards
  • Broaden the range of resource formats to be catalogued to include electronic and digital technologies (some which have no physical presence other than a link to a computer file)
  • Create records that are understandable and convenient to the user
  • Use copy cataloguing as well as original cataloguing
  • Use RDA standards to ensure consistency within and across the database catalogue with the intention of making information discovery easier for users

My overall goal: to improve users search results and the way these results are displayed

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using RDA over AACR2?

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 9.22.31 PM

What the move to RDA means in regard to the evolution of information management

The move to RDA will mean that all library resource description and access will move towards a web presence as it is designed for an online environment. This will allow for multiple characteristics of e-resources to be taken into consideration. Translations of RDA are underway so it will become more internationally accepted. But most importantly, resource description and access will be easier for users to understand in a way that will keep libraries relevant in the semantic web.


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