INN533 – Final Reflection

From the beginning of this unit Zaana’s enthusiasm has kept me motivated. Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 9.18.26 PMAt first I was quite overwhelmed by the prospect of having to complete five assignments. The challenge of constant assessment, as well as full time work, worried me. If it hadn’t been for the unlimited support and feedback Zaana gave us through Blackboard, Facebook and Twitter, I don’t think I would have been as positive. I also thoroughly enjoyed working in a group for the final proposal and report and having the opportunity to meet fellow students face to face.

What I am now delighted to say is that I have come out the other end with my eyes wide open to the world of information organisation and retrieval. What a user experience meant to be before, I now appreciate from a totally different perspective. An example of this, and at the same time my highlight of the unit, was my user experience with the website Trip Advisor (for Assignment 1). The user-generated content (comments and ratings) assisted me, to an extent that I had never imagined possible, in planning and preparing for my future overseas trip to South America. Imagine what this type of feedback could do to assist users in a school library.

I am also extremely interested to learn more about the implementation of RDA (as SCIS is in the initial stages of implementing it) and the impact it could have on school libraries. While at the same time I am interested in the concepts of tagging and folksonomy. The rules and standards of information organisation also opened my eyes to a new world. I was already familiar with the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme, but am currently in the process of replacing it with a classification scheme created around the concept of tagging and folksonomy. At this point I cannot imagine what the final product will look like, but I do intend to gather feedback from the students to find out how they believe tagging could assist them in finding and organising school library resources. Stay tuned!!

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